I first heard about Adolfo through a family friend of ours named Kristen. Where I had the opportunity to hear more about Adolfo’s story. She told me Adolfo had been without part of his foot for a little over a year now, and is eager to go back to work so he can provide for his family. After hearing about Adolfo we felt led that he was going to be our next angel, therefore we decided to put on a fundraiser at Mr. Detail to raise money to provide for Adolfo’s prosthesis. Once we added up the money from our fundraiser we soon found out we had enough money to provide Adolfo his prosthesis, while having some left over to go towards our next Angel!

About a week later we set up an appointment for Adolfo to get fitted for his prosthesis. While at the clinic I was so inspired by Adolfo’s faith. He explained to all of us that he trusts in God’s plan, and he knows that God is going to guide him through this process. It was such an amazing memory because throughout this journey I have been constantly reminded of God’s plan for my own life. He has allowed me to be a part of his big picture, and continues to guide my every steps!

Adolfo has received his prosthesis, and will be able to go back to work! Thank you to all of you who helped Adolfo get back up on his feet! Stay tuned for pictures to come of Adolfo walking in his new prosthesis. 

Thanks to you, our last angels now have a prosthetic. Thank you for all the donations and prayers.